ONFROY – OSB: a family owned company.


OSB was founded in 1920 by the leather retailer « All for the Shoe », located in Place de la Bastille in Paris. .
In 1944, Dominique VAN WITTENBERGE took over his father’s business and in 1956 he purchased a shoe polish and glue factory located in Malakoff from Miss ONFROY. Thus the ONFROY Company was founded. The glue factory was then moved to a former distillery in Coubert. 

In 1962, the ONFROY company took over its competitor BIDAL, a shoe repair items wholesaler in 35, rue Lucien Sampaix in Paris, as well as a metal cutting and stamping factory, based in Bérou-La-Mulotière (Eure-et-Loir).

In 1987, the glue plant, which in the meantime had become the biggest French adhesive company, was sold and the ONFROY Company became the OSB Company.

 Nowadays, the production plant in BEROU is one of the leading manufacturers of metallic midsoles in Europe and exports worldwide. In addition to that, the plant keeps producing usual metallic items for the shoe repair branch, such as the well-known Oscar top lifts and the Lulu toe-plates. 

The warehouse in Paris welcomes you and offers you about 8000 different items in stock, chosen according to your needs: tools and shoe repair supplies such as glues, leather and rubber as well as products for the resale. OSB also offers special items for the orthopaedics and shoe shops. 

Closer to you, OSB is your partner.